Innovative Day

Keeping pace with the food industry’s key trends: BEL-OBST FLLC presents new products



BEL-OBST FLLC has been active in Belarus since 2015, specializing in manufacture of natural fruit and berry preps for the dairy industry.

For the second year in a row, BEL-OBST organizes an event called “Innovative Day”, to which we invite the best technologists, marketing specialists and representatives of our customers. Our company also has an experience in organizing individual innovative days with special program tailored to meet the needs and requirements of a particular customer and their target audience.

The Innovative Days are devoted to:

  • analysis of the dairy market;
  • BEL-OBST’s innovative technologies;
  • presentation of new flavors of fruit and berry preps for the dairy industry and BEL-OBST’s potential customers.

On 31 October 2018, BEL-OBST held another Innovative Day on the premise of Savushkin Produkt OJSC (Brest, Republic of Belarus), where it presented its new products.

In today’s world, supermarket shelves, Instagram threads and YouTube blogs are spangled with healthy foods. The all-encompassing strive for healthy nutrition dictates its rules. BEL-OBST has proved itself as a company that easily navigates through marked demand. To that end, we continuously monitor taste preferences of consumers and main trends in CIS and European states. Thus, when working on creating new products, we placed an emphasis on developing preps with superfoods and on products of functional purpose intended to reduce the risk of contracting a nutrition-related disease.

Representatives of Savushkin Produkt OJSC’s marketing, procurements and technologies department were especially enthusiastic about innovations in BEL-OBST’s functional nutrition.





The Innovative Day at BEL-OBST


24 November 2017 is an important date for BEL-OBST. On that day, our company successfully held the 2017 Innovative Day, presenting its import-replacing production of natural fruit and berry preps for the dairy industry.

The event was visited by over 30 marketing specialists, food technologists and procurement specialists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

“BEL-OBST operates at the junction of nature and innovations, for without high technologies, you cannot preserve well the taste given by nature itself. That’s why we not only continuously improve our recipes, of which we have more than 2000 today, but also invest in the production process. For instance, responding to numerous requests from our customers, we have procured last year the equipment for aseptic bag-in-box packaging of fruit and berry preps. Always growing and never staying content with past achievements: that’s what helps the BEL-OBST team promptly respond to any market demands. The 2017 Innovative Day is an opportunity for us to show three things: high expertise of our specialists, state-of-the-art production facility, and the openness and readiness to work together on new, unique flavor development projects,” BEL-OBST General Director Aleksandr Smokotnin said in his presentation of the company’s capabilities.

After that, the visitors were greeted by members of Spadchyna (English: Heritage) Exemplary Fashion Theater. The young women showed unique dresses made from traditional yet trendy natural materials.

A tour of the “holy of holies” – our production facility – was conducted by Vitaly Pritolyuk, Deputy General Director for Production. The visitors saw for themselves high quality standards applied at the plant. Anastasia Pischenko, Deputy General Director for Quality spoke about the company’s microbiological and physicochemical laboratories.

During the tasting, Viacheslav Kostritsa, Director for R&D offered the visitors 25 new flavors from a number of product lines: For Baby Foods, Economy, Premium, Natural, and also Surprise that drew especial interest from the audience.

Established in 2014 at the same time with the launch of the production facility, our R&D department is one of our company’s driving forces staffed with certified technologists.

Our goal is to stay at the forefront of innovations, create concepts and develop our competences to meet the needs of our customers in the ever-changing market environment.

We apply our expertise to increase the effectiveness of our customer-oriented service and our high quality and performance indicators while maintaining and improving our competitive edge and providing high added value to products of our customers.

We implement innovative solutions to create new products that improve interaction with our partners and increase operating flexibility. It includes reduction of processing time, modernization of R&D equipment, optimization of raw food deliveries, improvement of R&D quality and application of improved production schemes.

Our R&D department studies the latest technologies and ingredients, and also, prepares various measures of increasing production efficiency and effectiveness.

We conduct feasibility studies to assess the proposed concepts from various points of view: technology, safety, cost-effectiveness, marketing, quality, and offer comprehensive solutions for our customers.

We work closely with research institutes and universities. Thanks to our research and development, BEL-OBST became one of the leaders in launching new products.

On 1 March 2019, an award ceremony for meritorious citizens was held at Volkovysk House of Culture. According to a report by Nash Chas newspaper, this event was attended by representatives of local authorities, top managers and best employees of the district’s enterprises.

Another event was added to BEL-OBST’s list of achievements: two employees of our company, Viktor Shalkevich and Olga Danilenko were inducted into the district’s board of honor for high achievements in Volkovysk District’s economic development, and were awarded a diploma of honor for high professionalism and diligent performance of job duties, respectively.

The BEL-OBST FLLC team congratulates its workmates and is proud of them!