Our production process

We make our products using equipment from renowned manufacturers: WALDNER, ZETA, GEA, FAM, GRÜNBECK, AUTOMATIONSTECHNIK GMBH, VIESSMANN.

The equipment complex represents a sequence of the entire process:

  • double-loop cooling provided by GEA compressors;
  • steam supplied from our own boiler plant featuring VIESSMANN equipment;
  • water supplied from our own well, undergoing chemical treatment at a GRÜNBECK water treatment station;
  • the line for preparation of dry ingredients with vibrating sieves and a magnet group, manufactured by S+S and ZETA;
  • raw food inspection and preparation line manufactured by ZETA;
  • dicing line manufactured by FAM;
  • a СIP/SIP container washing line;
  • an unparalleled pasteurization and cooling plant manufactured by WALDNER and featuring an advanced system for mixing and dispersing of dry ingredients and feeding of temperature-sensitive components