Business and Graduate School

One of the important tasks of the university is the availability of qualified specialists with modern knowledge and programs. To create a qualification program, the university must be in contact with the labor market. Students (future applicants for universities) should be well versed in their industry, in promising areas, and know what competencies are needed.

What steps should you take to decide on the future profession?

When you stand on the threshold of independent adult life, simply taking a step is not enough; you have to understand the direction in which you want to move in your life. How can you find out where it is? Which trade or profession is yours?

To begin with, you have to find out what professions are available and perhaps even try yourself in them. That’s why, BEL-OBST FLLC takes steps toward young people preparing to choose a profession.

As part of our professional orientation program, we invited 11th-grade students from the secondary school No 4 to learn more about our company and the profession of R&D technologist.

The students found out about our unique production of natural fruit and berry preps, about their development method and technology of creating new flavors. The schoolchildren could learn the basics of flavoristics: they actively guessed the flavors and smells despite our best efforts to confuse them.

To complicate the task, yoghurt with strawberry flavor was colored in green, bilberry yoghurt became yellow, and pineapple one was masked into red color. But the students handled the task excellently! All flavors have been unmasked. And we were happy to see that we have such a talented generation growing up. And of course, we saw for ourselves once again that flavor does matter. The new generation of consumers breaks down the flavor by notes and selects the most harmonious melodies.

There was also a tasting of preps still not presented in the Belarusian market. The high praise of the product’s taste qualities by our young visitors is worth noting. Their adoring looks and involvement in the process were the best reward for us as developers and producers of natural fruit and berry preps (FBPs).

Preventive war: reduction of sugar content in food as a method of fighting obesity

The food industry, both global and Belarusian in particular, is growing apace. And today, the Belarusian market is 100% saturated in quantitative terms. The global trend toward healthy nutrition compels many food producers to follow trends and adapt foods for consumer demand. The matter of nutrition becomes much more conscientious, and the problem of obesity played not the least role in it.

More than 1 billion people in the world (including children) have obesity. People with excessive weight are prone to various diseases, from diabetes mellitus to reproductive system disease.

This problem causes deep concern in the UN General Assembly, which adopted a special Resolution on Global Health and Foreign Policy: Healthier World Through Better Nutrition. This resolution urges UN member states to step up their efforts to improve public health and nutrition and solve the problem of obesity in the world.

The problem of excessive health is directly related to high sugar content in food today. The trend toward improvement of food quality and health could be observed everywhere. Julia Klöckner, Germany’s Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture urged dairy producers to improve the composition of nutrients in foods intended for children and young people, and reduce sugar content in these foods. A 20% reduction of sugar content in food is expected within the nearest six years.

Sugar content in dairy products, for instance, yoghurts with additives, could be reduced only by reducing sugar content in a yoghurt prep. Many manufacturers of fruit and berry preps reduce the content of carbohydrates, but not many of them are trying to make the product’s composition as simple as possible.

Studies show that it is important for consumers to know and understand what ingredients a food contains. 60% of people often or always read the ingredients before making the purchase. Consumers prefer foods with ingredients they know. And considering that consumers want to see familiar, simple and natural ingredients, food producers are switching to the clean label.

The Clean Label is an international term that means new principle of food production in the most developed countries. The Clean Label indicates that a food has been produced from natural ingredients and contains no artificial components, and that description of this food is clear and comprehensible. Belarusian companies are also switching to the Clean Label. In particular, the Belarusian manufacturer of fruit and berry preps BEL-OBST keeps pace with consumer demand. Our high-tech manufacturing plant can produce preps with low sugar content and replace colorants with natural juices without E numbers and flavor enhancers with natural flavor enhancers and extracts.

Watch your diet, become a conscious consumer, and stay healthy.

BEL-OBST congratulates its team with the Food Industry Worker Day

For over 50 years, Belarus has been observing the Agriculture and Processing Industry Worker Day. Simply put, the Food Worker Day. BEL-OBST congratulated its team with their professional day, and held the Open Door Day for Children of the Company’s Employees, an event catering to the little future food workers.

How can a little child not want to see where their parents work? And if the mom or dad is working in a place where they make yummy things for your favorite yoghurt or ice-cream, that truly makes the kid’s day!

During the Open Door Day for Children of the Company’s Employees, little visitors could see what BEL-OBST produces, what a fruit and berry prep is, and where it is used and for what.

And also:

  • the children were told about preps and offered to make one themselves. The kids were proposed to put on caps, coats and gloves like true R&D technologists;
  • the children learned the recipe, and began weighting the necessary quantities of ingredients themselves and place them in a pot in the required sequence. This process was so captivating that the parents themselves praised the unheard-of responsibility and focused attention in their kids. The young technologists weighted every ingredient themselves, thoroughly mixing all components;
  • when the kids obtained a finished fruit prep, they were offered to select a flavor to create a more expressive fruit taste and smell;
  • the children themselves opened the profile of every flavor using a blotter (a narrow strip of paper used for flavor or perfume tests). After selecting the best flavor, our “employees” added it to the prep using a pipette. Then, they mixed the prep with yoghurt and, together with all participants, tasted it.

This way, the young technologists learned about the method of developing new flavors, and found out that a peach has many different taste shades and strawberry has even more of them.

And of course, we could not let our visitors go without tasting. It was delicious to taste preps produced by BEL-OBST with ice-cream and cream cheese, and drink a chocolate milkshake.

And while the children enjoyed yummies, we held a quiz with many questions about fruits and berries. The most knowledgeable kids received sweet prizes.

The event ended with the presentation of gifts to children and a photo session with their parents. It became a real and tasty feast for children and their parents, filled with new emotions, knowledge and impressions.