BEL-OBST congratulates its team with the Food Industry Worker Day

For over 50 years, Belarus has been observing the Agriculture and Processing Industry Worker Day. Simply put, the Food Worker Day. BEL-OBST congratulated its team with their professional day, and held the Open Door Day for Children of the Company’s Employees, an event catering to the little future food workers.

How can a little child not want to see where their parents work? And if the mom or dad is working in a place where they make yummy things for your favorite yoghurt or ice-cream, that truly makes the kid’s day!

During the Open Door Day for Children of the Company’s Employees, little visitors could see what BEL-OBST produces, what a fruit and berry prep is, and where it is used and for what.

And also:

  • the children were told about preps and offered to make one themselves. The kids were proposed to put on caps, coats and gloves like true R&D technologists;
  • the children learned the recipe, and began weighting the necessary quantities of ingredients themselves and place them in a pot in the required sequence. This process was so captivating that the parents themselves praised the unheard-of responsibility and focused attention in their kids. The young technologists weighted every ingredient themselves, thoroughly mixing all components;
  • when the kids obtained a finished fruit prep, they were offered to select a flavor to create a more expressive fruit taste and smell;
  • the children themselves opened the profile of every flavor using a blotter (a narrow strip of paper used for flavor or perfume tests). After selecting the best flavor, our “employees” added it to the prep using a pipette. Then, they mixed the prep with yoghurt and, together with all participants, tasted it.

This way, the young technologists learned about the method of developing new flavors, and found out that a peach has many different taste shades and strawberry has even more of them.

And of course, we could not let our visitors go without tasting. It was delicious to taste preps produced by BEL-OBST with ice-cream and cream cheese, and drink a chocolate milkshake.

And while the children enjoyed yummies, we held a quiz with many questions about fruits and berries. The most knowledgeable kids received sweet prizes.

The event ended with the presentation of gifts to children and a photo session with their parents. It became a real and tasty feast for children and their parents, filled with new emotions, knowledge and impressions.