Business and Graduate School

One of the important tasks of the university is the availability of qualified specialists with modern knowledge and programs. To create a qualification program, the university must be in contact with the labor market. Students (future applicants for universities) should be well versed in their industry, in promising areas, and know what competencies are needed.


This is why there is such a thing as university relations.

A university relationship is a collaboration between a university and a company.

University  Relationships for business:

  • one of the important communication strategies of the company
  • presentation of the company in an academic environment, from which young personnel will enter the labor market
  • through university connections, business can influence the quality of education
  • business can represent free training programs or internships

University relations for a university is:

  • to draw first-hand information about what exactly the labor market requires, what kind of specialist it wants to see
  • thanks to communication with business, understanding its request, a higher school can introduce new programs and change the educational system
  • send students for internships

On April 12, 2021, the general director of BEL-OBST Bakhtinskaya Natalya and the master of the production site Shalkevich Viktor, visited the Mogilev State Food University.

MSFU - one of the few universities in Belarus where food industry engineers are trained. The professional training of MSFU students is very important for the activities of our company in the future.

Bakhtinskaya Natalya briefly told about the company to the 3rd year students of the specialty “Technology of storage and processing of edible plant materials”. Shalkevich Viktor emphasized that the world is dynamic, and new technologies appear faster than the curriculum in universities is updated. Therefore, obtaining a base is necessary, and practice at the enterprise will help to better prepare for production realities.


We would like to thank the university administration for the opportunity to share our experience with students.