Preventive war: reduction of sugar content in food as a method of fighting obesity

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The food industry, both global and Belarusian in particular, is growing apace. And today, the Belarusian market is 100% saturated in quantitative terms. The global trend toward healthy nutrition compels many food producers to follow trends and adapt foods for consumer demand. The matter of nutrition becomes much more conscientious, and the problem of obesity played not the least role in it.

More than 1 billion people in the world (including children) have obesity. People with excessive weight are prone to various diseases, from diabetes mellitus to reproductive system disease.

This problem causes deep concern in the UN General Assembly, which adopted a special Resolution on Global Health and Foreign Policy: Healthier World Through Better Nutrition. This resolution urges UN member states to step up their efforts to improve public health and nutrition and solve the problem of obesity in the world.

The problem of excessive health is directly related to high sugar content in food today. The trend toward improvement of food quality and health could be observed everywhere. Julia Klöckner, Germany’s Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture urged dairy producers to improve the composition of nutrients in foods intended for children and young people, and reduce sugar content in these foods. A 20% reduction of sugar content in food is expected within the nearest six years.

Sugar content in dairy products, for instance, yoghurts with additives, could be reduced only by reducing sugar content in a yoghurt prep. Many manufacturers of fruit and berry preps reduce the content of carbohydrates, but not many of them are trying to make the product’s composition as simple as possible.

Studies show that it is important for consumers to know and understand what ingredients a food contains. 60% of people often or always read the ingredients before making the purchase. Consumers prefer foods with ingredients they know. And considering that consumers want to see familiar, simple and natural ingredients, food producers are switching to the clean label.

The Clean Label is an international term that means new principle of food production in the most developed countries. The Clean Label indicates that a food has been produced from natural ingredients and contains no artificial components, and that description of this food is clear and comprehensible. Belarusian companies are also switching to the Clean Label. In particular, the Belarusian manufacturer of fruit and berry preps BEL-OBST keeps pace with consumer demand. Our high-tech manufacturing plant can produce preps with low sugar content and replace colorants with natural juices without E numbers and flavor enhancers with natural flavor enhancers and extracts.

Watch your diet, become a conscious consumer, and stay healthy.