What steps should you take to decide on the future profession?

When you stand on the threshold of independent adult life, simply taking a step is not enough; you have to understand the direction in which you want to move in your life. How can you find out where it is? Which trade or profession is yours?

To begin with, you have to find out what professions are available and perhaps even try yourself in them. That’s why, BEL-OBST FLLC takes steps toward young people preparing to choose a profession.

As part of our professional orientation program, we invited 11th-grade students from the secondary school No 4 to learn more about our company and the profession of R&D technologist.

The students found out about our unique production of natural fruit and berry preps, about their development method and technology of creating new flavors. The schoolchildren could learn the basics of flavoristics: they actively guessed the flavors and smells despite our best efforts to confuse them.

To complicate the task, yoghurt with strawberry flavor was colored in green, bilberry yoghurt became yellow, and pineapple one was masked into red color. But the students handled the task excellently! All flavors have been unmasked. And we were happy to see that we have such a talented generation growing up. And of course, we saw for ourselves once again that flavor does matter. The new generation of consumers breaks down the flavor by notes and selects the most harmonious melodies.

There was also a tasting of preps still not presented in the Belarusian market. The high praise of the product’s taste qualities by our young visitors is worth noting. Their adoring looks and involvement in the process were the best reward for us as developers and producers of natural fruit and berry preps (FBPs).